HR Screening Order

Sterling's innovative new mobile-first ordering process. Candidate screening so simple you can use your phone.
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HR Screening Order


Sterling is a leader in background screening and identity services worldwide. I helped their product teams with an entirely new experience for their ordering process.

Understand Phase

I spoke with stakeholders regarding the scope of the project and evaluated the basic google analytics available. I saw average ordering session data consisting of around 8 minutes.

I then conducted job shadows with customers who had experience with our product.  These interviews we not soley relative to the ordering workflow due to coinciding roadmaps. The customers represented a variety of industries and were chosen for their size, transaction volume, usage of the platform and their willingness to participate.

Opportunity Identification

  • Page refresh after every form selection
  • Initiating an order thought to have too many steps and modals
  • Add-on(A La Carte) options were very difficult to add
  • In general visual hierarchy and IA was difficult to decipher

User Types

HR Generalist - Day to day management, submitting orders, post hire contact, reviewing results, adding users/admin, actioning results.

HR Specialist - Submitting orders without ability to see results, monitoring candidates.

Success Criteria

To reduce time to order screening services by 75%.


While many ideas were formulated during the exploration process, we saw clear patterns emerging among saving progress, mobile capability and template or preset optimization. Some ideas of note include SMS ordering and a wizard stepped approach.

After several rounds of fine tuning we arrived at a two step mobile approach for sending invites to candidates. Progressively, we found a way to combine both sending invites and manual orders in a single intuitive workflow. Through multiple iterations we arrived at a sketch we felt comfortable prototyping.

Some thoughts around account permissions, template functionality, and package configuration were cataloged during the process to be tested in future iterations.


Within one day of aligning on a product solution, we were able to create a rapid interactive prototype in Axure to test our vision. With some additional feedback, we made some adjustments and signed off for the initial test of the prototype.

Axure Prototype

Can user easily complete a new order?
5/5 participants easily completed ordering checks for 2 candidates.

Can user efficiently add a preset to their new order?
Only 2/5 participants discovered and used the "Preset" option to efficiently complete the orders.

Round Two Results

With our mobile workflow proven we set out on a second test to validate our preset functionality.

Can user easily complete a new order?
6/6 participants easily completed orders.

Can the user easily complete a new order for multiple candidates?
6/6 participants were able to easily complete an order for multiple candidates.

What is the value of preset functionality?
6/6 participants described preset functionality to be very useful, though not all users opted to save a preset.

Final Design

After several rounds of unmoderated testing, and a few rounds of moderated testing. We arrived at a validated design that our customers were happy with.

Adoption rates and session data:

  • Active users on Client Hub: 2.3k
  • This has risen 151.8% in the last 90 days
  • Sessions over the last 90 days: 6.2k
  • Average session duration is 7m 03s (includes dashboard)